UTM Get Hired

UTM Get Hired (UTMGH), formerly known as the Skim Latihan Graduan Bekerja(SLGB), is a marketability intervention program organised by the UTM Career Centre specifically for UTM graduates who have not yet worked in the current year. The main objective of conducting this program is to help graduates obtain employment, thereby increasing the university’s percentage of graduate employability (GE).

The program is conducted intensively for six days with the division of activities into three parts, namely reskilling program, upskilling program and job interview. The reskilling program focuses on resume preparation, communication and personal appearance in preparation for attending job interviews. On the other hand, the upskilling program focuses on improving skills to add value to graduates and help them get jobs. After attending both programs, the participants are required to attend job interview sessions conducted by the companies invited by UTMCC. In 2021, a total of 100 companies with 1000 vacancies will be available to all participants.