Career Assessment Tools

The Career Assessment Tool is an instrument used to help students understand how personal attributes (such as values, inclinations, motivation, aptitude (ability) can impact potential and self-satisfaction with the chosen career choice and environment.

Each instrument used depends on the purpose or aspect to be observed. Among the commonly used tools are:

Big Five Personality

The Big Five Personality Instrument is an instrument used to identify a person’s personality based on five dimensions: extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. This instrument can help a person understand one’s own personality in making appropriate career choices.

    Holland Interest Test

    The Holland Interest Test is a personality instrument used to help a person make career and vocational choices based on the environment. There are six personality types based on the environment: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional (RIASEC).

    NEXT Profiling

    NEXT Profiling is a personality instrument provided by Talentorp for the use of all students. This instrument combines several psychological instruments used to identify appropriate career strengths, tendencies and choices. More information on NEXT can be found at

    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI is an instrument used to identify personality, strengths and tendencies. There are four categories of individuals presented through this instrument, namely:

    • Extroversion or Introversion
    • Sensing or Intuition
    • Thinking or Feeling
    • Judging or Perceiving

    This instrument can help you better understand yourself, in turn allowing you to identify suitable opportunities. It can also be used for human resource management, career guidance, improving interpersonal relationships, educational development and appropriate training.