Talent and Competency Management

What is TCM?

Talent and Competency Management (TCM) by UTMCC is a compulsory course in the Professional Skills Certificate (PSC). UTM students are required to enroll in this course before they graduate.

This course introduces UTM students to the career development process by involving technical and industry expertise and exposing them to advancement in skills and career opportunities.

Dimaklumkan Sesi Taklimat Kursus UTM PSC akan diadakan secara Online FB LIVE School Of Undergraduate Studies seperti ketetapan berikut:
Tarikh : 25 Mac 2024
Masa : 2.30 petang
Platform : FB Live Rasmi School of Undergraduate Studies

Semua Pelajar Sarjana Muda Tahun 3 dan 4 adalah dijemput hadir.


Please follow the Checklist below:

  • =Register @UTM PSC Portal
  • =Asynchronous Module @e-learning
  • =Complete Assignments @e-learning
  • =Mock Interview by industries (Online)
  • =You passed TCM!

TCM Modules

These are following modules that students need to follow:

Module 1

Introduction and Overview of TCM

Module 2

Issues and Challenges in Graduate Employability

Module 3

MYNEXT Profiling by Talent Corp (mynext.my)

Module 4

Talent Acquisition Modules: Job Interview and Linkedln

Module 5

Mock interview with industries (Online interview)

Duration: 4 May 2023

TCM Assignments

These are following modules that students need to follow:

Assignment 1

Resume (maximum 2 pages) - moodle@elearning

Assignment 2

Video resume (within 1:30 to 2 minutes ) - moodle@elearning

Assignment 3

MYNEXT Profiling (fullfill all the profiling test)

Deadline : 4 May 2023