How to Market Yourself?

As a graduate, self -promotion is important to highlight your strengths when applying for a job. It can also be used when you write a resume. You need to show your strengths and weaknesses to potential employers. Among the essential things you need to highlight are your abilities and skills

 Here are some things you can emphasise when promoting yourself:

Build an image of yourself

Your self-image is the first thing a prospective employer sees when they first meet you. Your self-image encompasses your personality and skills, the way you communicate and your self-confidence when speaking.

    Use of the LinkedIn Application

    LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the internet. Through LinkedIn, you can apply for jobs, internships, learn new career-related skills and knowledge. You can also share experiences, activities and career-related things with others on LinkedIn.


    Explain how your skills can help the organisation

    You need to emphasise your skills and strengths to prospective employers while communicating with them. Emphasise your skills and strengths while introducing yourself. This is necessary to show the organisation how important you are in the overall progress of the organisation

      Study about the organisation of your prospective employer

      It is best that you first study the organisational background of your prospective employer. Get information from websites, social media and more. When you share information about the organisation, they will know whether you have first studied about their organisation or not.